The former boxer Ronald has lost his short-term memory after an accident. Now nothing is the same. Roland's world has no future, and the past only exists in his mind up until his accident.

Although he seems perfectly normal to the outside observer, his condition has him and his family in thrall. Normal life is no longer possible for his wife Annett and son Constantin. Annett has to spend day and night looking after her husband. She's become a full-time caregiver, while no medical insurance will recognize his condition. Annett is in danger of losing the house.

Annett sets her hopes on attorney Lorenzo Stegmann. A tender romance develops between this them, which tears Annett apart inside. She loves her husband and doesn't want to shirk her responsibility. At the same time, she's at the end of her rope. For the first time in years, Lorenzo brings a breath of fresh air into her life, enabling her to break out of her rut.

A care home for Ronald may be the answer – but he doesn't fit in there, either. The very first day, he tries to box his way out and get back home. Annett can't take it anymore. She has to make a difficult decision.



Genre: Drama / Feature film

Producer: Construction Film

Co-producer: Questionmark Entertainment

Release: N/A


Veronica Ferres, Oliver Stokowski, Matthias Brenner, Constantin von Jascheroff, Elzemarieke de Vos, Janina Elkin


Producer: Nina Maag, Andreas Arnstedt

Creative Producer: Ralf Berchtold

Writer: Andreas Arnstedt 

Director: Andreas Arnstedt

Director of photography: Jan Fehse

Film editor: Sylvain Coutandin

Composer: Nicolette Richter