Forest of shadows


Forest of shadows

Forest of shadows is a mystery thriller about Julika Stetten, who is suffering from a burn-out and moves to her father´s lonely house at the countryside. Being a song writer she has to get well soon to fulfill her contract and write the next No. 1 hit. But the house has a dark secret, which appears to Julika in her bewildering dreams. She is not able to unravel the mystery until she confronts herself with the traumatic death of her mother and her own fears. 



Genre: Mystery Thriller / Feature film

Production: Le Bog Film

Co-production: Construction Film

Funded by: FFF Bayern

Release: 12.03.2015


Josephine Ehlert, Tim Bergmann, Gabriel Raab, Tinka Kleffner, Wolfgang Cerny, Heidrun Gärtner


Producer: Bogdan Tomassini-Büchner

Co-producer: Nina Maag, Veronica Ferres, Laura Thies, Josephine Ehlert

Director: Laura Thies

Writer: Laura Thies, Josephine Ehlert

Director of Photography: Markus Ilschner

Film Editor: Artjom König

Composer: Dieter Schleip