After twenty years of marriage the only thing left between Ulla and Jan are memories of the better times. She is an attractive criminal judge who is used to making tough decisions. He is a crafty undercover police officer who usually keeps his cool under any circumstances.

Their daughter Julia, age 16, a naive-romantic, looking for the one true love, unintentionally sends her parents on a road trip from Munich to Italy. A journey that is destined to become an emotional rollercoaster for all three.

Ulla, having been „the worst of them all“ in her wild youth, tries to protect her daughter from all the dangerous shenanigans out there. She wants to be both the best friend and the cool mum for her daughter. When that doesn’t work– which is usually the case – she turns from a cool mum to a helicopter one.

Julia wants to visit a concert of her favorite band RHONDA in Verona with her best friend Lea. At least that is what Ulla and Jan are supposed to believe. Yet, shortly after Ulla and Jan put them on the train, the girls get out and jump into the bus of Lea’s boyfriend, Daniel. Ulla’s motherly instinct – or simply her curiosity – makes her read through messages  on Julia’s laptop. That is how she discovers the true purpose of the journey. Julia has a blind date with a young man who shares her love for Shakespeare. The couple agreed to meet under the famous balcony where Romeo and Juliet declared they eternal love for each other. However, in Ulla’s head, Julia is about to be kidnapped by Romanian slave traders and even the ever-so-cool Jan is getting nervous when he finds a pregnancy test in the trash bin.

United in their common worry, Ulla and Jan decide to drive to Italy to look for their daughter. However the GPS tracker on their daughter’s phone, which Jan installed before she departed, delivers contradictory results, causing them to erratically chase Julia between Munich and Verona.

The only vehicle available to them is Jan’s motorbike, so the distanced couple has to put all their accusations aside, climb on and close ranks at freezing temperatures on the Brenner pass. 


Genre: Comedy / TV

Producer: Construction Film

Broadcast: ARD Degeto

Air date: 3rd October 2018 on ARD


Veronica Ferres, Heiner Lauterbach, Paulina Rümmelein, Olivia Müller-Elmau, Lukas Schmidt, Nick Romeo Reimann, George Lenz, Viola Müller, Leonardo Nigro, Veronika von Quast


Producer: Mark Popp, Veronica Ferres

Broadcaster: Carolin Haasis

Creative producer: Ralf Berchtold

Writer: Uli Brée

Director: Andreas Herzog

Director of photography: Marcus Kanter

Film editor: Gerald Slovak

Composer: Egon Riedel